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A child is born somewhere in the world approximately every 0.18 seconds. A popular brand of portable media player rolls off the production line every two minutes. In the time it took me to look up these statistics and you to read them, your competitors have received multiple hits to their websites. Hits that could have been going to yours instead. Why are they getting all the hits instead of you?

Search engine optimization, of course!

Proper SEO from means that every time someone queries a product or service in your industry, your site appears higher in the list of search results. A higher place on the list means more hits. More hits mean a much higher likelihood of sales. In today’s Internet dominated world, a company simply cannot afford to be low ranked on sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. We’re here to help. Our team of experts at will optimize your site to get you the best page ranking possible, meaning more hits (and more sales) for you. That means you can:

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Client Testimonials

My site is busy!

" Graphic design is one of the toughest fields in the world to find work in, especially if you’re independent. gave my site and portfolio a much wider reach. It literally saved me from having to get a job at a firm and working on whatever task got handed to me. Thanks! "

Natalie S., Graphic Designer

Excellent Results!

" My friends and I used to play street hockey between classes at university. Gradually, more and more people started joining in until we had enough to form our own little league. We set up a website and everything. After a while we got tired of playing with the same people over and over again, so we wanted to expand the league a little. Our goalie was a web designer and knew a bit about SEO, and a company ( we could get to do it for us for a reasonable fee. Now we’ve got our own mini-NHL going, with two divisions and four conferences. Wish us luck in the playoffs! "

Mark G., Student

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